Who Are We

Dr. Jacky Rider holds an associate degree in Master of Fine Arts in Writing and a doctorate degree in Human Development and skilled employment. Her book-length publications embody with boldness Live as you’ve got ne’er Lived Before: Life Lessons from Star Living (William David Morrow/Avon Medicine Books, 2005), and The No-Pain-No-Gain Resume book (Business One Publications, 2002), and he or she has been a causative editor to health books like Shrink Your Tummy: become independent from her Emotional uptake Forever (by Dr. Roger Bill Goldsberg) and Rosedale Press publications.

She conjointly worked on early drafts of “The Zero Zone Diet Program” with Barry David Spears. Additionally to her work as a author, Dr. Jacky Rider maintains a life-coaching observe utilizing energy-meridian healing modalities like TAT to assist patients unleash unproductive patterns and past traumas, and conjointly works with folks on weight-control problems. She has completed 11 marathons and lives in Long Island, New York.

Dr. Jacky Rider