How Much Money Does ‘The Game’ Have?

The Game was one of the most renowned rappers of the 2000’s and here you will get some info. The genre of gansta’ rap was the most popular genre of music at the time, and The Game made a living from it. During his time at the top, The Game amassed quite a personal fortune. His beef with east coast rapper 50 Cent helped him become a well recognized hip-hop entrepreneur, and he used this to his advantage. One of the things that rap artists are known for is their wealth, which leads people to ask the question, how much money does The Game have?

The Game’s Rap Earnings

The GameThe Game earned most of his money from his rap career. His first album with a major label was The Documentary, which released in 2003. This album had features from massive artists like Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, and became one of the top selling albums of 2005, selling over 5 million copies. With his massive album sales came an abundance of wealth. He continued to drop albums through the 2000’s, his second most popular album being Doctor’s Advocate in 2006. By this time, he was already worth millions of dollars.

The Game Today

It is estimated that The Game is worth somewhere around $25 million today. The money he earned during his peak in the rap industry allowed to him to take on other pursuits. He has since been in movies, video games, and television shows, and even started his own record label called Blood Money Entertainment. In addition to these income sources, The Game continues to make music, and just recently released The Documentary 2.5. The net worth of The Game can be found

The Game is constantly buying cars, houses, jewelry, and other extravagant goods, and he has earned it. After his early struggles in life, The Game has set up a nice nest egg for him and his family to live off of. While his cash flow may go up and down, his value has been on the rise. So when people ask how much money The Game has, they should get the answer, a lot.