7 Benefits of Organic Wool Dryer Balls

Improving Your Laundry Regime

How you take care of your clothes sub-communicates value to others, and it enhances the longevity of garments as well. Although, there are several types of clothing care solutions available, not many have insight into the beneficial approaches. Wool dryer balls are one such example for clothes care purposes. These products are a meaningful addition for how you take care of your clothes. Consider the following 7 benefits of organic wool dryer balls:

Benefits of Organic Wool Dryer Balls

1. Helps to Control Static

Machine dryers use static energy to dry garments. This static energy is beneficial for drying though you should not leave your garments in the dryer for too long. In some cases, the electric charge accumulates on garments and this might increase wrinkles and even minor electrocution. Wool dryer balls, can absorb the charge from the clothes and reduce the effects of electrical accumulation.

2. Reduces Wrinkles and Softens 

As the balls roll around and pummel the clothes, this helps to soften the fabric. The unique rolling motion of the balls helps to reduce wrinkles, which makes it simple to iron. The soft nature of the balls helps to improve the structure of the fabric and the feel as well.

3. Reduces Drying Time

Further lending to their superior benefits is the fact they can reduce your drying time by as much as 35%. In most cases, the balls are often made using special hydrophobic material. This material helps to wick off moisture and to improve the structure of the linen.

4. Helps to Save On Energy

Believe it or not, but wool balls will help you to save money in many ways. For instance, a set of balls averages at $19 and this can be used for several loads. In addition, the balls helps to reduce the amount of time you clothes spend in the dryer. As a result, this leads to reduced energy costs.

5. It Is All-Natural

Organic wool balls are made using all natural materials, which makes an excellent place to start your green lifestyle. In fact, unlike using the chemical-laden products, organic wool balls are entirely chemical free and will not unravel easily.

6. Wool Balls Are Pocket-Friendly

While a set of the conventional dryer sheets costs the same as organic wool balls, the latter is a top-notch option. A set can last for several years and it can be used for several laundry loads. This unlike the conventional products such as detergents and conditioners.

7 Benefits of Organic Wool Dryer Balls

7. You Can Make Them Through DIY

If you are really into making DIY products, then you can easily make your wool balls. That said, you will have to invest in special hydrophobic wool, which provides several benefits for garment care. You can easily learn how to make wool balls for convenience.


In conclusion, there are various options available when it comes to taking care of your garments. Choosing the appropriate ones has its inherent benefits, and this is why you should consider organic wool balls. Using these products is straightforward, and you do not need to study any special instructions, lest you damage your garments.